Posted: on: June 28 2015

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I’ve been invited to another interview session, but this time it’s with Leigh Bardugo. Thank you so much National Bookstore for sponsoring another great event. Did you know her name is actually pronounced like Lee. I’ve been saying it wrong for all these years. I’m very ashamed, but at least we share the same my-name-is-always-mispronounced problem.

Leigh was very perky and uberelated to meet us all. She was also psyched that she had lots of Filipino fans. She shared a small backstory of her life wherein she was broke 4 years ago, she worked as a makeup artist, but that didn’t workout at all. She really dreamt of becoming a writer and her she was now. Famous and successful. She has written the Grisha trilogy: Shadow & Bone, Siege & Storm and Ruin & Rising, she also has an upcoming release called Six of Crows which I was able to receive during the interview in exchange for an honest review.

Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 9.11.01 AM That’s Dani of Book Whales asking her a question.

heart-01-16 Louisse of The Soul Sisters requested that Leigh Bardugo make a haiku of her book:

Six deadly outcasts,

One impossible heist, yeah!

You should order it.

heart-01-16 Leigh isn’t sure if she might be up for co-writing. She would love to co-write with J.K. Rowling because she wants to meet her, but she thinks that she won’t even get any writing done because she’ll be too starstruck.
heart-01-16 Aside from writing high fantasy, she has a horror story coming out called Slasher girls & Monster Boys that comes out on August, she’s also included in another contemporary anthology called Summer Days & Summer Nights written my Stephanie Perkins.
heart-01-16 Ms. Bardugo would never remove a steamy scene. Never! She really made me laugh when she, a YA author mentioned this.
heart-01-16 Leigh meant to have The Darkling very very very appealing to her readers. Apparently the most brutal and dangerous creatures in the world are also considered the most dazzling.
heart-01-16 Why isn’t The Darkling the main love interest? She said that she wasn’t an author limited to writing romance. It gets boring if it’s a little too redundant.
heart-01-16 We asked Leigh what kind of amplifier would she like to have, she refused to have one because that would mean she’d have to kill an animal. She mentioned that those were the hardest scenes to write. But if she did, it would be the third amplifier, namely the Firebird.
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I’ve met two new adorable vloggers namely Salve from Cuckoo of Books and Kevin from Tomebound. I’m a pretty shy girl so I was glad that they introduced themselves to me.
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That’s Dianne from Oops I Read A Book Again looking adorable or should I say epal. (Epal is a Filipino term for lacking attention.) You can also check out Kai from Amaterasu Reads’ recap for other blogger photos.
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Leigh Bardugo brought along her agent Joanna Volpe. Didn’t get to talk to her since I was too far away.
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Shadow & Bone in another version of purple. I don’t know who’s copies are these, but I had to take a shot of it.
Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 9.12.14 AM Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 9.12.28 AM Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 9.12.45 AM
Lastly, those are my beautiful signed copies and signed Six of Crows ARC. I’m truly honoured to get to be part of this wonderful event. How was your recap? I’d love to visit yours, leave a comment below so I can check yours out.

Featuring…Reading Alley



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Signs that you want to quit blogging


To quit or not to quit

I’m really slacking as a blogger right now. Please forgive me for this occurrence. I’ve been thinking about quitting for a while now. I used to have so much fun while I’m blogging, I always check my views and published posts  during my free time. I read one book everyday or at least 3 books in a week, but recently I haven’t been feeling right in the head for a while. My mom just got her surgery done, I’ve been taking care of her but that isn’t the reason for my lazy-ass. My old friends quit blogging earlier than I did, I still loved blogging when they quit so I was surprised they didn’t want to read books anymore. I couldn’t fathom why they left so soon.

Reading is essential to book blogging, you can’t be a book blogger without books. I’m still reading quite a few books, but it seems like I’m just forcing myself and no longer having fun. I’ve always believed that blogging should be for fun. Books are my life, but I think reality is kicking in.

Books are no longer my top priority. It’s more of finishing my reality TV series right now. I’ve also been reading more manga, if you can consider that a book then you can freely believe so. TBH, I’d rather do nothing than read. It sounds like a sin, doesn’t it?

I thought I could save myself by going to BEA 2016, but unfortunately my trip was cancelled. It’s why I’ve been MIA in social media recently, I don’t want to see any hauls and pics for a while because it’ll just remind that my BEA plans were ruined. It doesn’t feel liberating, I feel so tethered. Hiding from the media so I’ll avoid reminiscing.

My gut tells me not to quit because I’ve been ON and OFF. Meaning I often love and hate to blog. I seldom think that I should just move on to fashion blogging, I’ve always dreamed of becoming a fashion designer. What stops me from quitting are my friends and followers. I don’t want to be a disappointment…I’ve done so much to become who I am right now. I made a name for myself. I hope I made it perfectly clear why I’m slacking off. Please understand my situation, I don’t fully understand it myself, but hopefully I’ll be back on the job soon.

Signs you want to quit blogging: If you have 4 or more symptoms…visit Dr. Librarian. LOL

  1. Reading is no longer one of your top priorities.
  2. Getting ARCs are no longer your favorite thing to do.
  3. You no longer check Netgalley or Edelweiss.
  4. You don’t check the comments on your blog.
  5. You aren’ trying to think of ideas for your blog.
  6. No longer tweeting about your blog.
  7. You haven’t bought a book in 2 months.
  8. You no longer smile when you receive a package.
  9. You don’t get butterflies in your stomach when you click PUBLISH.
  10. You have been MIA in the blogosphere.
  11. You lost the drive when you finish an awesome book.
  12. You focus more on your TV series.
  13. You don’t visit book blogs anymore.

Novel Beauty: Between Us and the Moon


Another Novel Beauty post for my beautiful readers. This time I thought I should try to feature the designs of ARCs. It might not be exactly the same as the final copies that’ll be selling in your local shops. This is just a draft, but I hope you equally love it!


Shut Up & Read: Sharing Book Hauls


Is it overly excessive to be sharing your book hauls with your fellow bloggers? A lot of us do Saturday sharings, wherein we showcase our new selections. A lot of people enjoy these kinds of posts, but has it become too consistent? Is there an actual need to share your new goodies to strangers and make them envious of your catch? I sometimes hate to share my hauls because I do get emails asking me how I got those ARCs or from who, they even ask for my contacts. I just ignore those, but don’t they irk you?

I’m a Filipina blogger so my ARCs are limited due to international reasons, if I were from the US that would be heaven for me. I actually got to collect a number of contacts already, but unfortunately half of those only send out to Canadian or US residents. It tore my heart into pieces, but I still enjoy looking at other book hauls.

The real reason for me to love hauls is because I love photography. There are bloggers who take the time to arrange their books and make them look model-ready for the picture. I try to make the effort as well. ;)

Whenever my favorite bloggers post their hauls, I get that butterfly feeling and wish that I lived next door. Won’t it be amazing to have a blogger friend just a block away? So, to answer my earlier question, I don’t think hauls are excessive or consistent. People should do them more. It makes our blog more colourful and vibrant, people get sick of reading reviews. We should allow readers to only have a glance to make sure they come back for more.

A lot of us are envious folks, but wanting makes us human. Just don’t go overboard…like what those other clueless folks did to me. Who does that?! If you want ARCs go look for them yourself.

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