ARC Review: Captive by Aimee Carter


Source: Publisher
Format: Advance eCopy
Series: The Blackcoat Rebellion #2
Category:  Young Adult
Genre: Dystopian,Romance

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For the past two months, Kitty Doe’s life has been a lie. Forced to impersonate the Prime Minister’s niece, her frustration grows as her trust in her fake fiancé cracks, her real boyfriend is forbidden and the Blackcoats keep her in the dark more than ever.

But in the midst of discovering that her role in the Hart family may not be as coincidental as she thought, she’s accused of treason and is forced to face her greatest fear: Elsewhere. A prison where no one can escape.

As one shocking revelation leads to the next, Kitty learns the hard way that she can trust no one, not even the people she thought were on her side. With her back against the wall, Kitty wants to believe she’ll do whatever it takes to support the rebellion she believes in—but is she prepared to pay the ultimate price?

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Sorry but I’m judgmental

Jo JudgeThis post title seems a bit contemptible because it appears self-explanatory. But I’m not talking about indifference or discrimination, this is about judging a book by its cover. Did not see that coming? Were you surprised? This topic has been talked about for ages and I’v finally decided to write my own thoughts about the topic. I can’t help but judge a book by looking at it, you can actually say a million things about a book just by the design which is why I’m never letting go of my Design Review feature.

People get badmouthed for saying awful things about the book just by looking at the cover, mostly by people who have read the book. I can understand why they would have such strong reactions to those people who are judgemental, but we should be able to take it lightly. Come on, it’s their own opinion and we should learn to respect that. I’d like to emphasise the word respect. Since a lot of people don’t have the human intelligence to understand the word respect. I’ve seen a lot of boorish behaviour online. I sometimes react in such a way. No lies here!

Enough about my other blabbers, why do some people become judgemental to designs? I for one do not buy hideous books if I have not read the book, but I do buy gorgeous books that have horrible content. Weird? But it’s believable. I’ll never buy a random book because of its blurb, I would do some extra research on it then have a copy transferred to a nearby branch. Unlike, a beautiful design I would not even hesitate. *Grabs credit card then bang!

How about you? Can you admit that you are part of the judgemental clique? JOIN ME


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Bookish help: Want to make it snow on your blog?


Tis the season to be jolly! 

Have you noticed anything different on my blog? If you don’t they there must be something wrong in your server. Try to reload and move your cursor around my blog then wait for a while. You’ll get to see snow fall! Don’t worry, I’ll teach you how I did it!

For those who have WordPress blogs:

Go to>Plugins>click add new> search for Improved let It Snow>Add the plugin

And you’re done!

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 8.10.03 PM

For those who use Blogspot/Blogger:

These have different effects, some are snowflakes some are not. You can choose whichever you like.

  1. Go To Blogger > Design
  2. Choose HTML/Javascript gadget
  3. Paste the following code inside it

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Free Blog Design Templates!

If you want to get in touch with the designer, you can leave a message for her. [Message Blogger Candy] She’ll love to hear that you’re interested in working with her. She has a few selections of her Pre-made designs [Click here to view]. She’s affordable so never fear! Her designs are fabulous, you’re going to love the results! I hope you enjoy the free selections below!

Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 9.26.20 PM


Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 9.26.31 PM


Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 9.26.50 PM


Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 9.26.59 PM


Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 9.27.17 PM


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Giveaway+ Review Mad Love by Colet Abedi

mad love

Long time no post? Sorry about that, it’s been hectic!

Source: For blog tour
Format: CopyAdvance eCopy
Series: Mad Love #1
Category:  New Adult
Genre: Romance, Comedy

Every woman wants me–except the one I sing for.

23-year-old aspiring artist Sophie Walker can think of no better place than the exotic paradise of the Maldives Islands to escape the wrath of her controlling parents, the monotony of her boring legal work and her passionless boyfriend. With her two best friends along for the ride and to help her find herself again, Sophie is not prepared for the enigmatic Clayton Sinclair. Clayton comes from another world of privilege that seems like a fantasy to Sophie.  Can this man introduce her to the passion & seduction she never realized she was desperately searching for? Sophie quickly becomes ensnared in Clayton’s seductive web until a shocking treachery makes her question her judgment and actions

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