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I’m not a very updated, techy or curious person, but this video sparked up my interest about the torrent world. A lot of us download shit online likes movies, but this author trusted a few bloggers to read an ARC copy of her book then she was notified that her unreleased book was sent to over (more…)

Novel Beauty: Love Letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaira

FrameToday’s feature is Love Letters to the Dead by Ava Dellaira. It has a very simple design of purple and violet or you can say lavender ombre that enhances the concept of letters for the dead. It’s pretty gloomy but it balances the beauty of it. Photography is done by me!


Summer is coming!

March Got this beautiful March graphic from What She Reads

Update yourselves about Chyna:

  • I went to my first Junior prom and it was so much fun! I’ll be sharing everything about it soon on my blog.
  • Read over 9 books! I read 10 books last January, tho.
  • I also got myself a nice book haul for the Month of Feb.
  • My blog had a server upgrade so it should be much faster now. (I couldn’t post anything till Monday morning…to avoid any data loss)
  • Liked 9 out of 9 books! Wow, I can’t believe, I actually enjoyed all the books I’ve read for the month of February.
  • My favorite book for February is Emmy & Oliver by Robin Benway and A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah Mass. My review will be up soon, so no worries!

 Sneak peek for my prom post…


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Confess: March 10 | The Start of Me and You: March 31 | Where Sea Meets Sky: March 31

When Joss Met Matt by Ellie Cahill

When Joss Met Matt

Source: From publisher

Format: eGalley

Series: Standalone

Category: New Adult

Genres: Contemporary Romance

In the tradition of New Adult superstar Jessica Sorensen, Ellie Cahill’s debut novel is a charming friends-with-benefits story . . . with a twist!
What if after every bad breakup, there was someone to help “cleanse your palate”—someone who wouldn’t judge you, who was great in bed, someone you were sure not to fall in love with? “Sorbet sex” could solve everything—as long as it never got too sweet.

Joss and Matt have been friends since freshman year of college, meeting one night after Joss is dumped by her boyfriend. After a few drinks, Matt humors her with a proposition: that he’ll become her go-to guy whenever she needs to heal a broken heart. In return, she’ll do the same for him. The #1 Rule: They’ll never fall in love with each other. People scoff at the arrangement. But six years later, Joss and Matt are still the best of friends . . . with benefits.

Through a string of boyfriends and girlfriends—some almost perfect, some downright wrong—Joss and Matt are always there for each other when the going gets tough. No strings. No attachments. Piece of cake. No problem. After all, since they wrote the rules, surely they can play by them. Or can they?

Are you guys ready for another super hot and super fun contemporary? When Joss Met Matt has it for you, it’s fun, quirky and sexy. Who wouldn’t want to get a chance to read this novel? As part of the blog tour, this post includes a giveaway, a review, teasers and a dictionary term. hihi (more…)

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